mantona Foldable Reflector 5in1 56cm – 18081


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mantona Foldable Reflector 5 in 1 56cm

This foldable reflector offers you all possibilities to create the perfect light mood at any time:

  • Surface golden: ideal for portait shots, for more beautiful skin and warm light
  • Surface silver: increases contrasts
  • Surface white: neutral brightening
  • Surface black: darkens the motif
  • Diffuser: distributes the light evenly and makes it softer

And that with just one reflector! The diffuser cover can be turned inside out and therefore quickly changes the surface from silver/gold to black/white. For the use as a diffuser, simply put aside the cover which can be securely closed with a zipper. Due to the built-in loop you can hang up the reflector anywhere. Particularly convenient: fully packed up, the foldable reflector only has a diameter of 24 cm and can therefore be taken anywhere without problems. The transport cover is of course included in delivery.

Product features:

  • Diameter: 56 cm
  • flexible frame material for quick folding
  • color: golden (warm light for beautiful portrait shots), silver (for stronger contrasts), white (neutral brightening), black (darkens the motif), diffuser (for even distribution and softer light)

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter (opened): 56 cm
  • Diameter (closed): 24 cm
Κωδικός προϊόντος: 691817 Κατηγορίες: ,