Sigma DC 1,4/30 DN Sony E-Mount Contemporary – 302965


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Outstanding optical performance in a compact design: a F1.4 standard lens for mirrorless cameras.

The powerful standard lens SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary gives users of mirrorless cameras the pleasure of photographing with a maximum aperture of F1.4. Particularly attractive are the beautiful bokeh, which can only be achieved with a high-speed lens, and the exceptionally precise optical performance that distinguishes a top-of-the-range focal length lens. Sigma’s technologies and design considerations that characterize the concept of the Contemporary product line are well-balanced in this lens.

A fixed-focal-length lens that offers an image angle similar to that of the human eye, with a focal length of approximately 50mm and a speed of F1.4. The shallow depth of field with fully opened aperture offers photographers ideal conditions for fascinating portraits and still lifes. For landscape shots or snapshots, a smaller aperture with a greater depth of field can be selected. Standard lenses offer a wide range of photographic applications and have therefore been part of the basic equipment of photographers for decades. This standard lens has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 60mm on the Micro Four Thirds system.

SIGMA lenses labeled «DC» offer optimum performance on cameras with APS-C image sensors. The use of a DC lens on a camera with a full-frame image sensor inevitably leads to vignetting. For optimal results, the active image field of the sensor must be adapted to the image circle of the lens. SIGMA lenses labeled «DN» provide optimum performance in conjunction with cameras with a short flange size.

With this extremely compact SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary, the manufacturer has designed an optimally balanced lens for lightweight compact cameras with a short footprint. What’s more, the special design of the focusing lens group provides a fast and smooth autofocus, especially for video recordings. This easy-to-use and compact lens convinces above all by its excellent image quality. Sigma’s technologies ensure that the lens digitally corrects optical distortion. 

Combines compactness and outstanding optical performance
The front lens element is made of special glass, which influences the refractive index and color dispersion, and also provides extra power and compactness of the lens. Two aspherical lens elements ensure excellent image quality and compact design and create optimal conditions for using the lens on mirrorless cameras.
The SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary uses the internal focusing technology we have developed, and lighter lens elements in the focusing lens group make for an even more compact actuator. This lens provides the photographer with image stability, both when shooting from the free hand as well as with applied camera marks. The materials and parts used allow the construction of a compact and lightweight lens. The excellent optical performance of this unique lens makes it the first choice for photographers who want easy, portable and easy-to-use equipment. 
A compact, lightweight lens with outstanding image quality and light intensity F1.4 – Image quality comparable to the lenses of our Art product line
In addition to an optimized layout and optimized power distribution, this lens has an aspherical lens element and a double-sided aspherical lens element. The same applies to glass elements that influence refractive index and dispersion and ensure outstanding color dispersion characteristics. By effectively utilizing these technologies, the lens achieves excellent light output up to the edges of the image while reducing lateral chromatic aberration. To correct the distortion, the lens uses the image correction capabilities of the mirrorless camera body and enhances the sharpness with the help of the corrected optical system. The result is an extremely compact lens with an image quality that is comparable to the image quality of the lenses of the Art product line.
Shallow depth of field leads to wonderful bokeh
Due to the high light intensity of F1.4, this lens allows a shallow depth of field and a wonderful bokeh – a novelty in a standard lens for mirrorless cameras. 
Reflexes and ghosting eliminating design
From the beginning of the lens design process, we investigated the susceptibility to reflections and ghosting to achieve an optical design that is resistant to strong backlighting. 
Fast and Smooth AF – Integrated stepper motor for better video recording
The integrated stepper motor allows an exceptionally fast and quiet autofocus of the lens. This feature is especially useful for video recording. The lens is also compatible with the Sony E-Mount Fast Hybrid AF. 
Extra long lens hood (included)
The included lens hood is extra long. Your anti-reflective coating prevents unwanted light effects. The lens hood has a rubber surface with anti-slip structure and offers a better grip when photographing. 

More compact structure and improved performance through TSC
Since the thermally stable composite material TSC (Thermally Stable Composite) is extremely elastic, it deforms only minimally. As a rule, there are no gaps between TSC components even after a long time. The lens barrel and lens components of the SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary are made of TSC, which contributes to the compactness of the lens and supports the gentle function of the lens system. TSC allows for greater precision of the cells that house the lens elements and the parts in the focusing lens group. This helps to improve the lens performance.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 184004 Κατηγορίες: ,