Sigma DG 1,8/135 HSM Art N/AF – 240955



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Sigma DG 135 F1,8 DG HSM Art

135mm telephoto lenses are often categorized as basic telephoto lenses and are usually one of the first lenses in a collection. This focal length has a strong perspective compression effect, while the F1.8 brightness delivers great bokeh. By minimizing the longitudinal chromatic aberration, the boulder of the SIGMA 135mm F1,8 DG HSM | Art as impressive as beautiful and the lens delivers images with excellent contrast and outstanding sharpness.

It offers the excellent resolution required for DSLRs with 50 megapixels or more. By integrating the latest innovations in design and optical lenses and rethinking every aspect of the lens, it ensures outstanding image quality across the entire image area.

With such a crystal-clear resolution that every single hair is recognizable in a portrait, this large-diameter lens also delivers impressive bokeh, providing photographers with everything they need.

It’s perfect for close-ups and full-body shots and sets the subject against a pleasant blurry background. In addition to standard portraits, including wedding photography, this lens brings top performance at live events and captures the motives with its super-fast autofocus effortless.

To deliver the ultra-high resolution that gets the most out of DSLRs with 50 megapixels or more, the focus mechanism is equipped with SIGMAS Floating System. Regardless of the distance to the subject, this lens provides peak performance from the center of the image to the edges. The lens design also minimizes distortion and thus provides perfect image quality, which does not require digital adjustment during image processing.

Ideal for portraits that require impressive bokeh
The focal length of 135mm provides an impressive compression effect: even with a relatively close subject, the Tele allows the photographer to create a variety of dramatic perspectives. The compression effect shines in both close-ups and full-body portraits and facilitates the image composition.

What’s more, F1.8’s light intensity creates full-body portraits with an impressive bokeh in the background. All in all, this lens gives the photographer a full range of compositional possibilities.

Fast and reliable autofocus photography
The large Hyper Sonic (HSM) motor provides the focusing group with plenty of torque for superior speed, while delivering exceptionally consistent performance even at low speeds. Together with the optimized AF algorithm, these features provide fast autofocus photography. In addition, the focus area limiter allows the AF to be very responsive to the distance to the subject, making the performance even more reliable.

The sixth 35mm full-frame fixed focal length joins the Art product line
Introduced in 2012 SIGMA 35mm F1,4 DG HSM | Style was the first lens of the style product line. Since then, a variety of lenses have been developed for this product line. The SIGMA 135mm F1,8 DG HSM | Art is the product’s sixth fixed focal length lens, offering 35mm full-frame coverage. The now even more powerful Art product line sets a new standard for fixed focal length lenses in the age of high-resolution cameras.

The connection is dust and splash proof
As the connection of a lens is particularly susceptible to dust and other foreign bodies, this lens has been fitted with a rubber seal to prevent the ingress of dirt. The front lens element also has a water- and oil-repellent coating, so that the lens can also be used well in rain, in the vicinity of water or under other difficult conditions.

Includes Nikon’s electromagnetic iris mechanism 
In the Nikon version, the lens has the electromagnetic iris mechanism and is thus able to process the signals of the camera body. This feature provides precise aperture control and consistent auto exposure (AE) performance in continuous shooting mode. 

Note: Some camera housings may have limited functionality.

Other impressive features

  • Fast AF with Manual Override (Note: The operation of the Manual Override function may differ depending on the port.)
  • Compatible with the connection converter MC-11
  • Compatible with the SIGMA USB-DOCK: The SIGMA USB-Dock makes customizations and flexible adjustments possible
  • Round aperture
  • Minimizes reflexes and ghosting
  • High precision and robust brass bayonet
  • Final inspection with SIGMA’s own MTF measuring system «A1»
  • Made in Japan: Outstanding craftsmanship
  • The year of publication is engraved in the lens barrel

Additional benefits:

With this USB Dock, the new SIGMA lenses in the Contemporary, Art and Sports product line can be adapted to the personal needs of any photographer. For this purpose, a special software has been developed (SIGMA Optimization Pro), with which you can easily update the lens firmware and, for example, adjust focus parameters.

Own A1 MTF Measurement System
Sigma’s proprietary A1 MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) measurement system uses the 46 megapixel Foveon direct image sensor. Using this system, we check every lens of our new product line in our factory. Even previously unrecognizable high-frequency details have now become audible as part of our quality control, which allows us to deliver consistently high lens performance.

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